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Meta certification exam
Meta certification exam
I want to respond and give you information about the Meta certification exam, because I write a lot, and I will give you all the answers in one post:
  1. You will be able to physically take the exam in Georgia from January 2024 (we will announce the information in advance before accepting reservations)
  2. The test will be conducted by the company Simple Stepsin a special auditorium in the office of
  3. company Simple Stepshas become an authorized testing center authorized to conduct the official Meta Blueprint exam, which means that the exam and certificate are no different from the one you take on the Pearson Vue website
  4. As for the price, we are in communication with Meta and we are trying our best to adjust the price to the Georgian reality and we will reach this issue (the first level test on Meta's website costs 50$, and if you fail, you pay the amount all over again) the second issue that is currently being negotiated is that if the candidate fails the exam, he has the opportunity to retake it for free (this issue has not been confirmed yet)
  5. conduct the exam Simple StepsIt will also be possible online for those who are unable to come to the office or are not in Georgia, for example, we received a reservation from Armenia, and we will transfer it to that person online.
  6. Currently, we are the first exam center in Georgia and the region that has the right to conduct the Meta certification exam, until now you would have to come to the United States or Britain and if you wanted to take the exam physically at an authorized center in another country
  7. We don't have exact forecasts, but we think we will have 500 certified people in 2024, and so far we have that specific number of certificates and licenses, in case of more requests we will certainly increase the number of licenses, currently unofficially on my personal profile and Simple StepsWe have exactly 109 armor from the records on the page of
  8. From January, a separate page will be created on the website, as well as information and registration will be announced in the group, where you can reserve a place in advance and take the exam. But if you want now, you can write to the company's page and your information will be noted
  9. We are planning to hold master classes and webinars in this regard to make it as easy as possible for candidates taking the exam to pass the exam.
  10. Various organizations and academies write to us about cooperation in this direction, and so far no information has been confirmed.
In the end, I will say that we have many more plans ahead, both me and my team want to make this field and Georgia one of the leading places in this regard, and I am proud that our country is the first in Georgia and the region in this direction. I know for sure that we are not going to, thank you all for your support, you can't even imagine how much it means in the background of everything we went through to get to this point, and the rest we promise you a simple and fair service where you will not be cheated.